Root Orchards COVID-19 Protocols

-Root Orchards reuires 6 feet of social distancing to be observed by all visitors to our farm
NO VISITOR to our farm should have any of the

CDC Indentified symptoms of COVID-19 virus
-fever or chills
-shortnesss of breath or difficulty breathing
-muscle or body aches
-NEW loss of taste or smell
-Sore throat
-congestion or runny nose
-Nausea or vomiting
-trouble breathing
-persistent or pressure in the chest
-new confusion
-inability to wake or stay awake
-bluish lips or face

-please stay home if you are ill and come back another time, Root Orchards recommends that all visitors have available for use a mask or facial cloth.

-Root Orchards requires that you bring your own clean and sanitary containers to pick and transport cherries.

-Root Orchards may ask for a phone number to contact your party in the event we need to provide contact tracing to the health department.

-Root orchards recommends that you wash your hands before and after picking your cherries,you should also bring hand sanitizer for personal use.

-you will be directed as you enter to daily designated u-pick spots
thank you for your cooperation and assistance as we work to keep everyone healthy and continue to keep our orchard open for visitors.