About Us
Root Orchards

Root Orchards, a sweet cherry farm, is located in beautiful Mosier
Valley, nestled in the Cascade foothills of the Columbia River
Gorge. Mosier Valley boasts some of the most picturesque vistas
around. The climate, location, and the soil all contribute to growing
some of the finest cherries in the United States if not the world!
We have two hundred plus acres with over 100 acres of sweet
cherries in various stages of production. On some acres, trees are
decades old. We are either rejuvenating their productivity with our
pruning methods or targeting them for removal in the next year or
so. We have excavated the old trees on some acreage and are in
the process of renewing the land and planning our next planting. In
addition, other acreage has been replanted in production from one
to 15-20 years while still other acres were planted this year and last
and not yet in production.
Root Orchards is an Oregon Century Farm. Wade and Suzie Root
are the fourth generation of the Root family to farm in this location.
Amos and Hannah Root bought and began farming here in
1878.Their son Clyde and his wife Christine farmed, raised fruit and
added acreage to the farm from 1911 until retirement. Their son
Verne and his wife, Lois continued this tradition. Verne and Lois
bought adjacent land in the 1950's farming along side Clyde and
Christine and then bought the 'Home Place' and additional acreage
before retiring. In the early 1990's, Wade and Suzie began leasing
the Home Place and purchased adjacent land. Today their sons,
Cameron and Casey are part of the operation continuing the family
tradition into the fifth generation.